This Is Your New Beginning!  The Struggle Stops Here.

Discover Your Best Self As You Navigate Separation, Divorce & Post-Divorce

Shave months if not years off of depression, grief, bitterness, sadness and anger so you can enjoy a new bonus life filled with peace and self-worth starting now.

The life that awaits is better than you can ask, think, or imagine.


Discover how you can heal and celebrate a restored and healthier you!​

What is it?

Intentionally Fabulous

with Kelli Calabrese

Intentionally Fabulous is an 8-week soul, mind, body course that walks you through the steps that will take you from grief to great.


That’s right! All That You Have to Do is Follow the Steps


When you learn and practice them you will heal and begin enjoying life again (or maybe even for the first time)…


Are You Ready To Be Intentionally Fabulous?

Here's What You'll Get In The Program...

Intentionally Fabulous is your Complete, Step-by-Step guide to overcoming the excruciating pain and grief of divorce to arrive at a place of joy, peace, love and celebration. Designed to take you by the hand to put the fear behind you, discover who you are and be the very best version of yourself possible in 8 weeks. 


It’s the quickest and most effective way to get from Fearful to Fearless.

  • The Course

    8-Week Intentionally

    Fabulous Course Led By Kelli

  • The Training

    Private Member Site Where Your Course is released weekly and you have lifetime access

  • The Tools

    Intentionally Fabulous

    Healing Guide and Process

  • The Support

    Private Community

    Support & Training

Here's What People Are Saying About The Program...





Identity: Who Am I?


You've likely been asking who am I and how did I get here. Your identity as a wife, was just stripped away along with just about every area of your life changing.  I will help you discover your new identity as a whole, happy and healthy person with a bright future.


Forgiveness & Freedom


Do you keep replaying the past in your head and recalling every painful event that broke your heart, betrayed your trust and hurt you down to your very soul?  This is the week you get free from the past, forgive your ex (yes I promise it's possible), forgive yourself and peal off the heavy chains that have been weighing you down.


Renewing Your Mind


Your brain has been holding a record of every affliction, disappointment and unmet expectation from your marriage (and other past hurts).  This week we stop living in the painful past, become present by rewiring our brains and imagining a bright and vibrant future filled with opportunity.


Self Love & Gratitude


Women are especially good at self hate and sabatoge.  We carry disappointment and blame, from how we look, to relationships, professionally and every area of our lives.  This is the week you learn to love your self - every bit of you and position yourselves to receive good things as you embrace an attitude of gratitude.


Finding Your Purpose


Your role as a wife, mom, in-law and friend group changes, you may wonder where you fit in and what your purpose is. This is a season of major transition, however there's greatness to be found in it.  The plan and purpose on your life is good regardless of your circumstances.  We'll reveal that this week and you will have renewed hope.


Enjoy Divine Health


Your energy has likely been low.  Maybe you have headaches, body aches, depression and are having a hard time getting out of bed.  The mental and emotional stress is high.  It takes toll physically. NOW is the time to get your energy, brain health, metabolism and youthfulness back.  You WILL feel sexy again.


Attract Abundant Wealth


Single mom's are the highest poverty rate in the country. Many women are not able keep their lifestyles and have little to no financial security.  This week we will cover how to get into a flow of abundance from paying off debt to saving, to even have resources for vacations and an abundant future that can far exceed your past.


Celebrate a Renewed Life


You may feel like things will never be normal or better again, but life is not all pain, sadness, disappointment and hard work.  You can and will be joy filled. You will celebrate, laugh, dance, travel, have fun and enjoy your life. You will even have total bliss in your alone time!  You will create new trusting and loving friendships and become an intentionally fabulous you!

Are You Ready To Be Intentionally Fabulous?

Meet Kelli Calabrese



21 Transformative Expert Interview with Top Influencers to guide your healing journey.

Meet my personal guru's, experts, mentors and wise counselors that helped me with my own healing journey! They have each graciously offered to give you access to their best tips for healing plus other resources.

A $4,000 Value


Releasing Trauma with Dr Amy Novotny

Dr Amy Novotny- World class breath expert. Amy shares How to lower stress in your body and get out of flight or fight. She also covers releasing releasing trauma, the best sleeping positions, calming down from panic attacks, breathing habits and techniques and more.


Healing Meditation Lead by Jeanette Ortega

Meditation is a soul, mind, body transformation anyone can use anytime.  Learn the who, where, when, how and what it does for healing with World class fitness coach, competitor, yogi and best selling author Jeanette Ortega.


Energy Healing with Sophia Stavron

Energy Healing and Emotional Intuition to release the past, live with honor and celebrate life with coach to the Celebrities Sophia Stavron. Sophia shares the Philotimo Lifestyle™️ she teaches from her Greek heritage.


Healing Your Brain after Trauma with Ron White

Healing Your Brain after trauma with 2 time Memory Champion and US Army Veteran Ron White. Ron covers techniques to overcome PTSD, how to remember things even when you are stressed, not to go for perfectionism, and more.


Nourish your Body with Linda Gaal

Nourishing your body to lower inflammation, heal gut health and improve energy with Functional Nutrition Therapist Linda Gaal. Linda talks about how stress damages your body and shares the healing superfoods on her grocery list.


Don’t Settle & Overcome Loneliness with Brian Hackney

Brian Hackney, 20 year marriage and family counselor and my personal counselor gives solid advice on reconciliation, abuse, rebound relationships, how to get unstuck, don't settle and overcoming loneliness and more.


Help Children adapt through divorce with Kelli Calabrese

One of the most devastating parts about divorce is the aftermath on our children. Learn the 12 top tips to help your children not to be a statistic and to positively adapt to divorce and beyond with Intentionally Fabulous Founder, Kelli Calabrese.


Kelli Calabrese’s sought –after, inspiring book Passionistas

PASSIONISTAS is a collection of authentic, from-the-heart stories written by women pursuing their dreams.


Enjoy the entire book and get inspired for more in your life.


Peace and Love Audio Meditation with Jeanette Ortega

You are Peace and Love Meditation with Jeanette Ortega, Celebrity fitness trainer, founder of Bootoga, best selling author and founder of World Beauty Fitness and Fashion.


What’s Great About This? with Rock Thomas

My heartfelt interview with Rock Thomas, host of the top-rated #IAmMovement Podcast, a bestselling author, and motivational speaker with over 30 years of experience in personal development and coaching. From humble beginnings on a small Canadian farm near Montréal, Rock Thomas became a self-made millionaire and devoted himself to helping others learn the power of their identity.


Upward Hope - Faith, Conflict Resolution with Taylor Longacre 

Taylor Longacre - TV Host, Exec Producer, Ministry Leader, Travel Expert, Divorce Recovery Leader.  Taylor shares about effective communication and coping with faith from the perspective of a child of divorce, a personal divorce and being happily remarried.  Understand how to Reach Up, Stand Up, Grow Up, Listen Up and Speak Up to heal.


Overcoming the Deep Depths of Grief with Francine Ivey

Overcoming the Deep Depths of Grief and Arriving at Fabulous with Francine Ivey - Grief Counselor and Executive Coach. Francine shares the importance of community, vulnerability, kids grief, fear and emotional warning signs.


Overcoming Sexual Trauma Lynanne Cottle

Lynanne Cottle shares some frightening statistics about sexual abuse, talking openly to children, where to go for help, self love, triggers, guilt & shame, fear, loss and more.  Her podcast is Triumph after Trauma.


Why Men Lie and How To Get Him to Tell the Truth with Dennis Hohman

A male coach's perspective on communication, vulnerability, lying, porn (it's not your fault ladies), regrets, midlife crisis's, personal development, work life balance, sedation and more.  Denis Hohman is the CEO of Profit Acceleration Academy and founder of Legend.


Recovering from Infidelity with Beth Shuey McGuire

Beth was married for 20 years until her divorce in 2012. Having gone through a very painful, public divorce she has personal experience in navigating this season. She has facilitated divorce care support groups and led small groups walking women through divorce. Beth is currently working one on one helping women at various stages of relationship challenges. Her heart is to help women come to know their identity in Christ - to know their value, worth and purpose.


Your Singleness is not an Accident, it's Strategic with Jordi Bostock

Author of Single on Purpose and I am Married on Purpose.  Jordi says your singleness is not an accident, it's strategic. Jordi is an entrepreneur, model, stylist and founder of the Success Sisters brand including a TV show, magazine and foundation.  She discusses seeking God first, growing into your purpose, love vs lust, raising your love level, forgiveness, pride, poverty and looking forward.


Getting to the Core of Your Heart with The Cool Branding Guy Roy Smoothe

Re-branding yourself and getting to the heart of who you are with the Cool Branding Guy Roy Smoothe.  Get the blueprint to moving forward, enjoying the journey and having a dream lifestyle.


Successfully Re-engaging in Dating with Lisa Washington

Successfully re-engaging in Dating. Lisa Washington will share necessary keys for healing and attracting the right one. Lisa vulnerably shares the mistakes she made in her first marriage, the value of alone time, becoming the person you want to attract, relationship maintenance, making a list from your heart and more.


Living Your Best Single Life with Linda Mullins

Living My Best Single Life. Linda Mullins is a "Wellpreneur" and founder of Inspired Leadership Group. An overcomer in business in life, Linda covers dealing with sexual trauma, self hatred and self worth, pride, strongholds, and You 2.0 living an amazing single life.


Stop the Pain, Rebuild Relationships and Enjoy Life Again with Carla Schillis

Emotional Wellness and Empowerment Coach and founder of Arise Academy and Retreats shares tips to stop the pain, rebuild relationships and enjoy life again. You will be encouraged, inspired and equipped by this session.

Are You Ready For A Bonus Life After Divorce?

You Don't Have to do this Alone.

Decide, commit and give yourself the gift of freedom from the past as you move towards an exciting and fabulous future.


Trying to heal from a divorce by yourself is like taking a baby aspirin when you have cancer. You can’t afford to stay stuck in depression, grief, bitterness, sadness and anger. You owe it to your self, your kids and your family to get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible.


Your dreams have been shattered and your expectations unmet.  The life that awaits is better than you can ask, think, or imagine.​


If you think you can’t afford it, how long have you been suffering and how much longer do you want to suffer. There is a cost to your pain.

If you don't get well, there is a great chance your kids will be another negative statistic.  With healing, everyone can have positive lasting change.


This course is meant to not only turn down the volume of the pain, not only to turn it off, but to get you to a place where you are living intentionally fabulous.  You might not think that’s possible from where you are today, however in 8 weeks you can expect to have a new identity that will bring you peace and joy.


Get started now and expect to CELEBRATE an intentionally fabulous life!  

My goal for you over the next 8 weeks is to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

I am committed to helping you  leverage the most results the fastest! 

Here's What People Are Saying About The Program...

"I love the way Kelli meshes faith, healing from grief and personal growth all together.

It’s wonderfully anointed!” 


Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Fresh Start Pearl

  • 8 Week Intentionally Fabulous Course 

  • 8 Weekly 90-minute training

  • Intentionally Fabulous Healing Process + Workbook

  • Private Community

    Support & Training

Fearless Diamond Group Coaching

  • 8 Week Intentionally Fabulous Course 

  • 8 Weekly 90-minute training

  • 1 hour weekly Q & A led by Kelli

  • Intentionally Fabulous Healing Process + Guide

  • Private Community

    Support & Training

  • All 20 Expert Interviews and Resources - $4,000 value

Fabulous Platinum VIP

  • 8x 30-minute personal coaching sessions

    with Kelli (1 per week)

  • 8 Week Intentionally Fabulous Course 

  • 8 Weekly 90-minute training

  • 1 hour weekly Q & A led by Kelli

  • Intentionally Fabulous Healing Process + Guide

  • Private Community

    Support & Training

  • All 20 Expert Interviews and Resources - $4,000 value



Healing Guide

This is your chance to go deep in discovering who you truly are, fully forgive your past, renew your mind, love yourself, discover your purpose, live in divine health, enjoy abundant wealth and complete the 8 weeks resurrected, celebrating and intentionally fabulous! 

Each week the healing guide includes:

  • Affirmations - Listen to or read “I am” statements to affirm truthful beliefs

  • Visualizations - Allow your imagination to reveal truths and create an exciting new future.

  • Meditations - Listen as you relax, increase your awareness, get present and relieve stress

  • Activations - Complete your weekly assignment to take personal action towards moving your healing forward

  • Celebrations - This is the fun part where you create weekly goals & rewards that improve your growth towards a new you

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you invest in the Intentionally Fabulous Program, we’ll give you 30 days from the start of the course to put it to the test.  If you don’t feel coaching, tips, bonus's, community, live Q&A and content shared aren't worth at least DOUBLE what you paid for it, then contact us and demand an immediate refund. 


We wouldn’t dream of keeping your money if it didn’t take you further along in the grief cycle towards intentionally fabulous and a happier, healthier more joy filled life.  

AND, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, not only will you get your money back – you’ll also be able to keep the activation guide and any bonus incentives just for trying it out. AND, I'll send you a copy of "How To Set Yourself Up for Success to Enjoy the Holidays Post Divorce" training for free!


Kelli Calabrese

Kelli Calabrese

Founder, Intentionally Fabulous

Are You Ready To Be Intentionally Fabulous?

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